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2020 Year in Review

And that's a wrap! Despite all the challenges of 2020, we accomplished some major milestones here at Tick-borne Conditions United. Watch our 2020 Year in Review video above. In 2020 we: Coordinated multiple public input presentations to the Tick-borne Disease…

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Headshots Of Jennifer Platt And Beth Carrison

A Message from the Cofounders

Dear Friends of Tick-borne Conditions United: So much has happened over the past few weeks in our world. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified minority health disparities, while incidents of police misconduct and brutality have provided the catalyst for much needed…

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Female Scientist Looking Through A Microscope In Pathology Lab

Alpha-gal in Black-Legged Tick Saliva

Alpha-Gal In Black-Legged Tick Saliva: Study Reveals Potential Implications For Lyme Patients In the United States several studies associate the Lone Star tick (Amblyomma americanum) with an allergic reaction to “red” meat due to the presence of the carbohydrate galactose-α-1,…

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Photo Of Lone Star Tick On Flower And White Serif Type To Left On Burnt Orange Background With Event Icon

Alpha-gal Syndrome Symposium

Have you registered for the Alpha-gal Syndrome Symposium? Event: Alpha-gal Syndrome Symposium Date: 5/30/2018 Time: 7:00 – 8:00pm EST Learn about “RED MEAT ALLERGY” caused by ticks and insects worldwide. What is Alpha-gal Syndrome? Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment Patient’s Experience…

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