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Download Our Free Alpha-gal Syndrome and COVID-19 Brochure

TBC United has created this valuable resource to help you, and your medical providers, to get expert-led guidance regarding Alpha-gal Syndrome and COVID-19. In particular, the brochure covers 7 medications in testing or approved for use that may have implications for Alpha-gal patients. You can download this two-page brochure, print it, and use it to support your discussion with healthcare providers. We encourage you to share this information with others.

We encourage you to share this information to help raise awareness.

Download Brochure (PDF)

Printed copies can be ordered for a small fee simply by emailing us the desired quantity, deadline, and shipping address. Email us to request your printed Alpha-gal Syndrome brochure. You are invited to *download as a .pdf and print for free if you prefer.

*Any alterations of TBC United materials must be approved by TBC United.

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