Ensure That Patients With Tick Conditions Are Properly Diagnosed and Cared For

Educate Your Medical Teams About Tick Diseases, Risk Factors, Patient Needs, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

Expert Knowledge About Tick Diseases

TBC United can train your medical teams on how to recognize, properly diagnose, and treat patients who have contracted a tick-borne disease or condition. We’ll also cover the likely causes, risk factors, and patient needs for each condition found in your service area.

Our training is science-based but patient- and medical practitioner-friendly. We work hard to include the latest research findings, diagnosis techniques, and treatment recommendations from multiple credible medical organizations. TBC United also shares, with permission, relevant patient experiences and stories from our engaged community. 


TBC United cofounders Beth Carrison, INHC, and Jennifer Platt, DrPH, offer first-hand knowledge of patients’ needs because they’ve both contracted tick-borne diseases. They now devote their lives to helping other affected individuals to improve their health and regain a better quality of life. TBC United educates medical practitioners, employers, public health associations, government policy makers, and individual patients about the serious effects of these diseases and the best know treatments at this time.

Customization and Flexibility

TBC United can work with you to customize the training for your teams. We can adapt content, training length, training delivery (in-person or by video), training schedules, and other factors. Contact us to discuss your teams’ needs, and we’ll work with you to craft a custom learning experience.