2020 Federal Tick-borne Disease Working Group: Dr. Jennifer Platt Video Excerpt


Listen to TBC United cofounder Dr. Jennifer Platt, as she shares three points at the 11th Meeting of the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group in Washington, D.C.

1) Alpha-gal Syndrome Survey: Visit TBCUnited.org to participate. This is the largest Alpha-gal Syndrome patient survey to date. Results will be published and shared.

2) Look at a balanced approach for the successful management of ticks and diseases from an ecosystem perspective. Call to action: Ask companies to use eco-friendly products for the successful management of ticks, including the lone star.

3) Review the extent of under-diagnosed conditions and education of providers. What is the cost and repercussions from mis/undiagnosed properly due to lack of proper education?

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